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Posted on Dec 15, 2009 in Culture Corner, Uncategorized

Three Kings Celebration Activities

Just when you thought Christmas, la Navidad, Noel, was around the corner, Three Kings Day looms on January sixth.  Three Kings Day is a top notch opportunity to bring French speaking or Hispanic culture in to the classroom.  Children and students of all ages just love learning about it. Three Kings Day is ripe for a comparison and contrast activity with Christmas or other winter holidays.  All in the target language, of course!

American children in particular think it is so unfair that they don’t receive presents like their French, Spanish, and Latin American counterparts on January sixth.  They’re eager to learn about how they can do so.  You can be the one to let them celebrate their holidays even more!

Materials for Three Kings Day

Students will love creating their own paper shoe to be filled with goodies.  Use this paper shoe template and lead your student in target language directions on how to assemble it.

Nothing teaches both the target language and target cultures better than a simplified TL reading about the Three Kings.  For secondary teachers, it is worth the time spent in which  students will read and write about the Three Kings in the TL.  Click here for a secondary reading and activities.

More Three Kings Day Activities in the Target Language

  1. Students can act out the Three Kings and leave goodies in students’ shoes
  2. Student to student basic Q & A:  What do you want from the Three Kings?  I want . . .
  3. Students write a list of items they would like in a basic letter to the Three Kings
  4. Teacher created fill-in-the-blank letter to the Three Kings including all of the good behavior and good deeds done by the writers
  5. Teacher created basic reading or sentence series in the target language
  6. A longer term cultural project:  Students create mini models of floats of the Three Kings just like they are made in Spain and Latin America for the Cabalgata de Reyes.

Let’s face it; we need a holiday to get through the long month of January and Three Kings Day is waiting to bring in some fun and excitement.

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