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Posted on Apr 7, 2012 in Culture Corner, Uncategorized

Easter 2012- Spanish and French Cultural and Conversational Activities

 Easter is a Cultural Smorgasbord for Spanish, French, and most western language classes, so pick and choose the Easter tradition. Most Spanish speaking countries shut down for Easter week- the week before Easter Sunday since there are parades, family gatherings, and religious services. Here are some links to sites and videos that you can use as a quick warm-up. *Even beginners benefit from hearing about the target cultures in the target language.

Spanish Easter Week- La Semana Santa
Semana Santa en Mexico

French Easter-Paques

French Easter

Conversational Activities to Follow the Sites, Videos, and Slide-shows

  • Cultural Comparisons. It is always fun to do a cultural comparison between American and the target culture with a Venn Diagram, and then some simple descriptive sentences . . all in the Target Language of course.
  • Preferences: What do you like about American Easter?  What do you like about Hispanic or French Easter?  Which Easter do you prefer? Why?
  • Family Traditions.  What does your family do (or not)  for Easter? What do you eat? What is your favorite tradition?

Here are a couple of FREE EASTER ACTIVITIES.  Enjoy.  Spanish Easter Activity.  Free French Activity.


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