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Posted on Aug 24, 2012 in Tech Tips & How To's-Setting Up & Using Technology

An App a Day- livebinders

Live Binders

Schools and districts are sure buzzing about I couldn’t make my district’s all-day training, so I explored  It was worth all of the 20 minutes I spent on my first visit. Here is what I learned:

What is it? Live Binders is an internet based vehicle for storing and presenting documents, photos, images, videos, and slide shows. It also is becoming an extensive materials-sharing source since teachers can publish their binders and you can easily access the materials.

Why use it? I plan on using it to access materials, activities, and resources. I will also set up my own binder for the two preps I teach. The sharing functionality is great. It also presents the materials well on the screen for students. I recommend livebinders for you if you have not spent significant time setting up, maintaining, your own class websites. Livebinders is more visually appealing for students than most school wiki sites & pages.

How do I use it?  livebinders is FREE.  You can set up your own account in a couple of minutes and you have full access. After you’ve set up your account and you’ve logged in, go to the categories on the right to find your subject.

What does Live Binders offer?  When you have a new binder open and you search for a topic, all sorts of materials appear in your new binder: sites, Power Points, pdfs. That is worth it alone. You can delete the materials that don’t work for you.  You can access, download, and use the binders that other teachers have created; they have agreed to share their binders. The materials you find in their binders can be put in to your own binder. This is huge for me since my Spanish Immersion Social Studies prep is brand new; I already found some materials for Pre History in Spanish.

Anything Else?  Well, a lot that I just haven’t had time to check out. You can also upload your own materials from your own computer hard-drive.

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