The Big Game 2014 Super Bowl 48- SALE on Spanish, French, and ESL Activities!

And it’s almost here! My Spanish students of all ages love, love the Super Bowl. There is so much to like: the excitement, the hype, the teams, the players and the American festivities. You can review, practice, and extend a surprising number of vocabulary groups: colors, numbers, personal descriptions, sports vocabulary, and dynamic action verbs. Target language videos on the Super Bowl abound since it is popular the world over.

For Your Language Class

1. You can review, recycle and recombine colors and numbers, but you can extend to Personal Descriptions using the players and even the coaches. Project some images of famous Broncos and Seahawks for conversational prompts and activities with descriptions. Play Beat the Clock- Partners or groups are given a minute or 30 seconds to describe a projected photo of a Broncos or Seahawks player. This is fun in small group teams.

2. I find that for students hearing and internalizing target language numbers is always challenging. Practicing with the players’ jersey numbers is a hit. See this  French Super Bowl 48 Numbers Listening activity And here is the Spanish Super Bowl 48 Numbers and Names Listening Activity.

3. Even Beginners can do some Reading and Writing about the Super Bowl in the TL. Get this French Collection of Super Bowl 48 Activities for Novices.  Here is the Spanish Collection of Super Bowl 48 Activities for


I often make podcasts or voice recordings with Garage Band of the listening/reading scripts. I teach from an edublog website that I created, meaning that I enter my lesson content and upload the documents to it and then I project it on the Smart Board or White board. Then I upload the podcast to my class website and play it from there. Or  Partners would also do great with the listening and reading activities.

4.  Football Math. This takes some prep. Find an image of a football field with the “yards” on it and project it. Divide the class in to the Broncos and the Seahawks. Play a Super Bowl game on the projected field with stick-on or magnetized player-markers. Make this as simple or as complex as your students are willing to help you out with. Students are to keep track of the yards that a player runs or throws and the yard line where the action takes place.  With lots of prep time next year this would be fantastic for small groups for grades 6-12- each with its own printed football field and set of player-markers.

Have fun and you’ll be surprised at how well your students know their TL numbers, a few colors, personal descriptions and some football verbs after Super Bowl 48.  Here are the French Football and Winter Sports Activities and the Spanish Football and Winter Sports Activities.

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