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Posted on Mar 21, 2014 in Culture Corner, Featured, Spanish Lessons

Going to Mexico City- Xochimilco

Let’s go to Mexico City- Vámanos a la Ciudad de México.  And let’s go to Xochimilco- Vámanos a Xochimilco.  Xochimilco (Soh-chee-meel-koh) is an ancient site made up of lakes and canals and an outdoor market place. The canals were used by the Aztecs and other ancient indigenous peoples way before the Spanish came to Mexico City. Today you can go out on the canals at Xochimilco in the colorful boats- or trajineras.  The boats are for hire and as they are rowed for you, mariachis play traditional Mexican fold music and you can have snacks too.

The Aztecs and others constructed chinampas- or rafts of earth or sod- for growing crops and flowers. The chinampas were constructed well enough to hold parts of the ancient city Tenochtitlan too.

Xochimilco Lesson Materials

1. Fotos de las chinampas

2. Fotos de las trajineras

3. Precios de las trajineras

4. Reading- Xochimilco Reading & Activities

5.  Readers Theatre on Going to Xochimilco- for 4 novice level students- To Be Completed

6.  Unit Plan with Materials in a Word Doc- Going to Mexico 4 & 5 March 21-2014

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