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Posted on Mar 15, 2014 in Featured, Tech Tips & How To's-Setting Up & Using Technology

Making a Voice Recording in Garage Band & Uploading it to your Stie

What a great group of participants today at Classroom in the Cloud at SCOLT in Memphis, Tenn!  Here is a short explanation of how to make a PODCAST or simple Voice Recording in Apple’s Garage Band.  AND– if you have the iphone 5 the very latest OS 7 update includes FREE GARAGEBAND & other software.  You need enough space on your iphone– I don’t have enough on mine right now.  :(

Here is an example of super simple podcast on one of my sites.

The Basics You Need to Know:

  1. You create the podcast in Garage Band
  2. You then export it to your own ITUNES LIBRARY.  Important- The Itunes podcast is now in an MP3 file that is REQUIRED by your site. A Garage Band file can’t be uploaded; has to be SHARED AND EXPORTED in to iTunes.
  3. You upload the ITUNES mp3 file on to your website or wiki

Make a Podcast or a Voice Recording

  1. Open up the Garage Band Application on your laptop, tablet, or iphone.  (Buy it or download if for free; it doesn’t come automatically w the device.)
  2. Select New Project
  3. Push the PODCAST button
  4. Save it with a VERY SPECIFIC NAME. The title of a reading or list of interview questions, Oral Exam Part, Unit, Lesson, Topic, etc.
  5. Push Create
  6. In the far LEFT MENU BAR/COLUMN- select your gender
  7. ON THE VERY BOTTOM select the RED BUTTON to record. This starts the microphone so you and anything else will be recorded.
  9. Go to the SHARE pull down menu at the top.
  11. Name the Playlist very specifically– for a class section, grade level, unit, or lesson

Uploading the Podcast- Voice Recording to your Website

  1. Log in to the back end of your website or wiki
  2. Go in to a specific Post
  3. Select the MEDIA ICON button above the formatting tool bar.  Press that icon.
  4. Upload the podcast; either drag it from your ITUNES LIBRARY  in to the box or use the BROWSER UPLOADER.
  5. Insert it in to the Post and Save it.
  6. Voila!

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