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Posted on Sep 22, 2014 in ESL Lessons, Featured, French Lessons, Spanish Lessons, Uncategorized

Fall Football Fun 2014

And it’s Fantastic Football Season! Use American football as a context for a vast array of vocabulary groups, some content, culture, and lots of verb-based action packed grammar. Football brings relevance and some much-needed ENERGY to the grammar. I’m thinking of teaching a thematic unit on American Football at this time of year because it’s a great bridge after the first-of-the-year review and so much of any level’s content and grammar can be taught within the American Football context with a high relevance and interest to students that is hard to beat.

Check out our Spanish, French, and ESL Football activities.

Gouin Series

Ever heard of the Gouin Series? The Gouin series is one of the simplest and most effective ways to create a simple context for verb conjugations. This is ideal for sports and physical verbs. Hard to believe it was created in the 1900?s by Francois Gouin! It is a series of logical sentences that describe an action or process in sequential order. Examples are: PLAYING IN A FOOTBALL GAME, GOING TO A FOOTBALL GAME. OR WATCHING A FOOTBALL GAME ON TV. Here is a free Gouin Series Explanation & Examples.

Activities for using American Football in Class

Each one could be a daily warm-up during Football season:

  1. Describe your hometown or closest hometown professional team; college team too. Use it/them for expressing preferences. Stand up if you like . . . if you don’t like . . .
  2. Football TPR Fiesta- Every time a football verb is said the entire class has to do the full-body action or charade. Create a strenuous script about a player or a team that is understandable.
  3. Dictate a list of a team’s players and their jersey numbers. Students can write them down in the target language, as numerals, or for memory activities.
  4. Football Player Categories calling on Verbs— Runners, Passers, Blockers, Receivers, Kickers. Write the infinitive or a third person conjugation as a heading and list players who fit the verb under it.
  5. Football Player Description-Categories. Big, small, fast, strong, slow. Do the same as above.
  6. Team Mascot Categories. Mascot types—- animals, people, etc. Be careful with this one; there remain some pretty sensitive team mascots so choose carefully.
  7. Football Team Geography. Match the team with its city, state, and region of the USA.For older students throw in time-zones.
  8. Football Player Autobiography- as brief or as long as age and language proficiency and time allows.
  9. Football Team History– for the older more advanced student
  10. Compare American Football with a popular sport in the target culture.Use a Venn Diagram.

Get our American Fall Football Materials Now!

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