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Posted on Sep 7, 2014 in Culture Corner, Spanish Lessons

Teach Mexican Independence Day: Culture & Activities

Celebrate el Día de la Independencia or Mexican Independence Day with your classes on September 16th! Often students are surprised to learn that Mexican Independence Day is NOT the super-commercial 5 de mayo. Use this opportunity to bring some history and culture in to your Spanish classes at any proficiency level.

I teach elementary school beginners this year from PreK to grade 5, so my lesson will be extremely simple.  I’ll use Mexican Independence Day for Novices.  For your free Mexican Independence Day Lesson Plan enlarge the image on the left.

AV Materials.  I will have on a channel of Mexican Corridos at the class-opening. I plan on showing a Corrido video from youtube at the end of class. **I chose one that wasn’t covered with guns and bullets.Here is a super cool blog about Latin music and this is a post about the CORRIDOS. Most here deal with 5 de mayo, though.  Vocabulary from the reading: un cura, declara, grita, gana, ciudad, desfiles, zócalo, pueblo, baile, mariachis, charros, celebra, come.

Video- El Grito de la Revolución. The Revolutionary Call. Every year the President of Mexico stands on the balcony of the Palacio Nacional in Mexico City and calls out the traditional battle cry that was used on the first 16 de septiembre. Students of all ages love shouting El Grito:  ¡Viva México!  three times.

Realia- Stuff.  Mexican flag(s), sombrero(s), world map (Spain), photos of celebrations in Mexico for Independence Day

Higher Proficiency Levels

Here is a collection for Spanish II. Spanish II’s enjoy news videos of El Grito, listening to and analyzing a corrido, newscasts about Mexican Independence Day. They can read educational sites for kids on this topic. Using a Venn diagram to compare & contrast 16 de septiembre celebrations with our 4th of July or comparing 5 de may with 16 of septiembre works great.

Authentic Spanish Slide Show on the Mexican Revolution’s History

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