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Posted on Mar 17, 2015 in ESL Lessons, Featured, French Lessons, PreK Play Room, Spanish Lessons

Pre School Playroom St. Patrick’s Day Activities

Little Learners do so well with concrete, visual materials like shamrocks, rainbows, and leprechauns. Be careful not to introduce or allow the tradition of pinching someone who is not wearing green.

Interpretive Activities

The Color Green & Shamrocks

  1. Full class, circle time means big visuals of Green and Shamrocks. Each learner should have a green shamrock visual for Listen and Do activities.
  2. Ask learners to touch, point to, and tap their shamrocks in the Target Language. Request them to bring them to you.
  3. Counting shamrocks. Lead simple 1-5 counting and grouping activities with the shamrocks.
  4. Count the 3 or 4 leaves on the shamrock.


1. Do the same activities.
2. Review or introduce body parts of the leprechauns.
3. Review or introduce the clothing of the leprechauns.

1. Do the same activities.
2. Review colors with the interpretive show-me activities.

Pot of Gold
1. Pass out paper pots and cold coins- maybe plastic gold coins.
2. Do the same activities.
3. Count the gold coins and ask learners to put them in the pot.
4. Ask learners to place the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Interpersonal Tasks

Little learners speak in the target language in the most uninhibited of ways. Remember to model every single speaking or naming task with a class mascot— a leprechaun would be ideal. Take advantage!
1. Model naming the St. Patrick’s Day objects and vocabulary.
2. Ask each learner to name a visual or object.
3. Direct learners to name an object to a learner seated beside them in the class circle.
4. Direct learners to name a series of St. Patrick’s Day objects to a designated partner. Place them outside of the class circle to prevent boredom.
5. Model the TL phrase, It’s a . . . . . or This is a . . . . .  for learners to use with each other and the vocabulary.
6. Preferences. Model Do you like the . . . ? and Yes/No I like the . . . . for partners.

Presentational Tasks

All presentational activities for preschoolers and novices should be oral and very simple.
1. Ask each learner to name 2-5 St. Patrick’s Day vocabulary-objects as they see or touch them.
2. Ask each learner to use a phrase This is a . . . .or I like . . . or I don’t like . . . with the object-vocabulary visuals and objects.

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