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Posted on Mar 17, 2015 in ESL Lessons, Featured, French Lessons, Home, PreK Play Room, Spanish Lessons

Get Your Game On! High School Games,  Activities, & Tech

Get Your Game On! High School Games, Activities, & Tech

Need some new class games and activities? Get your copy of Get Your Game On!  in its latest, 2015 edition! I’ve added more tech and social media activities and guidelines for our digital students.

Wonderful Weather and all that it brings is about to bloom! Capitalize on it for your students

Super Secondary


Spring clothes, shoes, and accessories are a top priority.

  • Interpersonal. Clothing and accessory relays. Get a bunch of previously worn clothing from Goodwill or a similar store. Divide the class into 4-6 teams. Each team has a pile of clothes. Run relay races that incorporate putting on the clothes. BUT, RACERS HAVE TO SAY EACH ITEM IN THE TARGET LANGUAGE to be able to run.
  • Interpretive. Listen and Draw Mannequins. Create handouts with mannequins that do not have clothing on them. Call out clothing and accessories that students are to draw and color on tot he mannequins. Students can also do this in partners and in groups.
  • Interpersonal. Student to Student interviews. Create an interview with questions about clothing and fashion, but one that also reviews most of the content learned throughout the year. It can become presentational if students presents an interview-based description about their partner.
  • Presentational.  Fashion Show.  Check out our Fashion Show materials- Spanish and French. Or, create your own. An option for presentation is for students to create a narrated video.

Spring Sports

End of basketball season, baseball, lacrosse, track and field, and golf and tennis. Sports excite most students more than anything. They beg for all sorts of classroom games and competitions.

  • Interpersonal. Full Class, 2 Team Games. Set up a sports-based game that requires vocabulary knowledge and speaking. I always ask my students to help me set one up the best way.
  • Interpersonal. Group Games. 4’s do best with similar sports-games.
  • Interpersonal & Presentational. Wide World of Sports Centers. Group students in 4’s. Then rotate them through a different sport-center. Each center can have a game or match and anything else- vocabulary practice, conversational questions & answers, even readings and post reading activities.  And presentational activities like creating a social media post, advertisement, or a short broadcast, or a poster are end of unit SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENTS.
  • Spanish Sports Activities
  • French Sports Activities
  • ESL Sports Activities



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