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Posted on May 20, 2015 in ESL Lessons, Spanish Lessons, Super Secondary

Out Door Foreign Language Games- Super Secondary Grades

Super Secondary

Teens have summer-on-the-brain. Sitting in a classroom for one more hour makes everything boring — for you and your students. May is the time for classroom simulations, hands-on activities, and just good, old fashioned fun before final exams.

The Great Outdoors

If your administrators permit, enjoy the great outdoors with your classes.

Silly TPR. Leaders direct groups in fun TPR requests. It can be a work out!

TPR (total physical response) Directions Activities. Give partners a local destination and/or a school destination. They have to give the directions in the Target Language to their partner.

Nature Walk. Sketch pads in hand, students draw and label the natural flora and fauna in the TL on campus. They can then create TL sentences or even descriptive paragraphs. Great for a presentational opportunity speaking too.

Geometry Scavenger Hunt. Rulers or measuring taps, pencil and paper, and go! Whip up a list of geometric shapes on campus and students are to find and measure them. Lead a class tally of the shapes and then a bar graph of their quantities in the TL.

Me and My Shadow!  Body parts, personal descriptions, and clothing review. Each group takes some light colored butcher paper and a pencil outside to a SUNNY AREA. Students trace the shadow of a classmate on to the butcher paper. Come back inside and the students draw, label, and color the body parts, personal descriptions and the clothing. Sentences and paragraphs can be written too.

Target Culture Picnic. My students love our spring Mexican Picnic. Stage a simple Target Culture Picnic with your classes. Student volunteers bring in the food, drink, supplies, and game equipment. A great reward for hard work or a contest. Here is my Spanish Licuados Lesson.

***Indoor Target Language Smoothies. This has been a hit for years. Use or create a Gouin Series on making a fruit smoothie that you will then enact on smoothie day. Student volunteers bring in ingredients or items; don’t forget blenders!


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