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Posted on Jun 4, 2015 in ESL Lessons, French Lessons, Spanish Lessons, Super Secondary

Fun Final Exam Reviews – Final Exam Finale


Count Down to Final Exams!

Administrators have let you know that final exams are here, so you open up the textbook to the table of contents, or you pull  your curriculum binder  off of the shelf.

The Teams Sports chapter or the Eating in Restaurants unit doesn’t ring a bell.  And you’ve been teaching it for seven years, or you wrote it!  Time to dig back into the past, to the beginning of the semester and it feels like you’re cleaning out your refrigerator.  How are you going to come up with a review that doesn’t look and feel like Algebra II or Biology?

Are your students going to be excited about rousting up the content of past units or chapters? Not.  You can see their eyes roll as you handout a typed list of Final Exam Material.

Excerpt from Final Exam Finale

**Check out the Free Printables Below!

This is our most practical and comprehensive games, activities, centers and presentations guide yet!  It’s all at your finger tips and ready to photo-copy.  Check out the following resources:  selection of games, study aid,  student feedback form.

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