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Posted on Dec 28, 2015 in Featured, Super Secondary, Survial Tips

Speaking Activities Tracker for All Languages

Teaching 200 Spanish II students is my on-going challenge this year. I’m rallying during the winter break now, but I crashed and burned several times. Inspiring and eliciting 200 teens to speak often in Spanish has become a mission.

Teenagers and most adult learners won’t practice a classroom skill unless there is an incentive. And the incentive has to be separate from the constant positive re-enforcement I deliver. The Big Incentive is high school is the Grade; not exciting, but Grades are the driver to my students. So I borrowed the brilliant Participation Board concept from my colleague Amanda and put a twist on it.

The Speaking Task Stamp Board

Students do a speaking or participation task listed on the handout and if I deem it acceptable, I then stamp a square with my Teacher Stamp.  Reality check- stamps prevent forgery from rearing its super ugly head.

  1. I determine how many squares– or typically the entire board- over a few weeks comprises a 100% grade.
  2. Students turn them in for that grade.

Speaking Outcomes

We have seen students speak the target language more than ever this year! For our Novices, most of it is functional chunks of language, and they begin with rehearsed phrases. But this is more than ever! The quiet, retiring student hiding out in a class of 37 has to speak the target language to me or other students to earn a good grade for the Speaking Stamp Board. And she does!

The best return is supervising two or three Spanish II students initiate, engage, and prolong a Spanish conversation among themselves.

So try it in your classes! World Language Speaking Stamp Board

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