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Welcome to Foreign Language House



  • Training & coaching personnel
  • Presenting & teaching instructional best practices
  • Curriculum and materials writing for all ages of world language learners

We also offer

  • Culture and language training for professional environments and relationships
  • Cultural communication skills for the professions- Spanish & French
  • Curriculum and materials writing for diverse professions with expertise in Spanish and French

Foreign Language House is your source for training, workshops and curriculum and materials writing for PK-12 world language programs.   We also offer our services to non-educational organizations and companies with a need for curriculum and materials writing and training.

Catherine hails from the borderland of El Paso, TX where English and Spanish have lived side-by-side since the Spanish colonial 1600’s.  Now a trainer and curriculum and materials writer, she is a career Spanish, ESL, and English teacher. Catherine began her teaching career in bilingual schools in Albuquerque, NM. She then taught at the Charlotte Country Day School in Charlotte, NC for nine years and was the Department Chair of foreign languages in the Middle School. Her last position was teaching Spanish Immersion Social Studies for the sixth grade at Collinswood Language Academy, a Spanish-English duo language k-8 school where she was the only non-native speaker teaching in the middle school.  She feels that  teaching people how to communicate in another language is both a thrill and a gift.

Catherine graduated from Southern Methodist University in 1987 and studied Spanish in Mexico and in Seville, Spain. She has done significant graduate study in Spanish. Catherine considers herself a life-long learner and she travels to off-the-beaten path destinations in the Spanish-speaking world where she scouts hispanic folk-art, food, art, antiquities, culture and nature— the best in the world.

Training, coaching, and mentoring teachers of all grades is her specialty. Every teacher has a gift, and she loves supporting and emphasizing this. She gives teacher workshops nationally.

Some of Catherine’s Publications:

  • Mexico Autentico! A cooking class at Oaxaca, Mexico’s Cafe El Naranjo showcasing and detailing the preparation of traditional mole sauce in The Charlotte Observer, Charlotte, NC, and The Westsider El Paso, Texas.


DianePicDiane is a K-12 certified foreign language teacher and writer who is passionate about early language learning.   She has shared her love of the French language with students as young as 2 and as old as 18. Currently a middle school teacher, she has also piloted preschool foreign language programs, created home-based mom-tot classes, written a fifth grade French workbook, and developed an innovative story-based middle school curriculum.  Her vast experience spans not only PK-12, but also private, parochial, and public schools.  She is a frequent speaker at state, regional, and national foreign language teacher conferences.  There is no greater compliment than to be called “a teacher’s teacher.”

Diane received her BA in French and English Language and Literature in 1990, and she has done post-graduate work in Elementary Education. She has studied in both France and Quebec and travels to these wonderful places frequently, leading student trips and exchange programs.  The Loire Valley and Quebec City have taken up permanent residency in her heart.

Besides creating innovative educational content with Catherine for Foreign Language House, Diane also writes articles, stories, poems, and crafts for children’s magazines. She has been published in Highlights for ChildrenHopscotch for GirlsFaces magazine, and Wee Ones e-zine.  Several professional online articles can be found on, where she was formerly the feature writer for Education/Language Study.

Contact Diane and Catherine at

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