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The First Week Back- January 2011

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

I’ve been staring at a blank screen with a legal pad full of scribbled ideas at my side. Conversational Review for Partners, Individual Inventory and Skills Check List, Group Unit Review, and some I can’t read cover the page. I admit that after I crash and burn right before Christmas, I somehow resurrect on December 26th.  The ideas begin to flow; if I go for a jog, they gush way too quickly for me to remember. Winter Break is the best for idea flow for the content, skills, and activities in our classes.  That’s the fun part: the scribbling of the broad concepts.

Then, the hard part: breaking those sometimes inspirational ideas into realistic, day by day, minute to minute classroom activities and lessons. Here is what I do:

1.  Write every thought, idea, or inspiration down. In one place.  Mexican mercados. Guatamalan textiles. Spanish flamenco. Partner interview. Groups and Centers for Review.

2.  Choose ONE and circle it.

3.  Leave the house. No peace at mine even when empty. Got to the library or a coffee shop.  Even better– do this with a colleague.

4. Put a timer on wherever you are and stare your topic or THEME down.  Create a table with four columns: LANGUAGE OUTCOMES, CONTENT, VOCABULARY, LANGUAGE FUNCTIONS (GRAMMAR).

5.  I circled Mexican Mercados since I’m going to use a new, dynamite book for my elementary students- Nos Vamos a México. So, I’m going to fill in each column based on this theme.

6. FIRST WEEK BACK. REALITY. How am I going to jive this cool new unit with the review that I’ve got to present? And, I’ve got about 20 minutes to review in the elementary Spanish class format. Check out this FREE SET OF GRAPHIC LESSON PLANNERS.

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